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Rising of the Lights


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When I Leave 04:12
the wires that keep you close to me your screams, your desperate little pleas those hopes sneaking through your mind I'll teach you to leave those all behind that fear you're feeling is real that's part of the appeal you can never follow me you'll still be here when I leave love, if only you could see well don't you know your dreams belong to me you're just a picture that I made so sit down, get back in your cage I will rip this place apart unplug your dirty little heart believe what you want to believe but you'll still be here when I leave
as I was walking down the highway in the sea of burned out cars in seats just blackened skeletons empty eyes and screaming jaws the planets hung suspended in the sky, a violent red and in the stillness there I heard the chorus of the dead rust blood feels so fucking good lust feed you cannot succeed well I'll burn the sun and I'll drown the moon I'll profane the temple and I'll shine my spoon I'll dig the mountains and dam the streams I'll do all the things best left in dreams I'll ride the lions bewitch the crows they'll tell me where your secrets go I'll drink the ocean salt the fields and you will see my truth revealed
voices come from the debris and dying isn't what it seems there's layers inside of layers inside where the wounded creatures bleed my aether-mouth is calling out from places you have failed to hide it's burrowed deep inside of me I fear it now compels my mind something came back something came back something came back in me can't let it go can't let it go can't let it go it feeds raised to lead you royal pig while jelly-sticky walls enclosed the matter pink and slick with greed what it wants, it gets, we know helpless to defend ourselves our ships wrecked onto distant shores let the truth envelop you 'til nothing matters anymore
Backsliding 03:37
In Your Mind 03:46
κανείς δεν σε σώζει kaneís den se sózei no one can save you το τέλος είναι εδώ to télos eínai edó the end is here μιλάς αληθινά milás alithiná you speak truly οι φωτιές καίνε oi fotiés kaíne the fires are burning always in your mind
Allesthesia 03:27
when you stroll in the evening do you think the world's spinning to move you to where you wanted to be and are you alone in that dead-end alley or is that the sound of a thousand small teeth ah allesthesia I touched you you saw me moving discretely smiling politely beneath the white sheet your senses unfolding reality unfurling the voice is inside of the mouth when it speaks who was that singing her hands they were bleeding deceived by ennui she washes your feet the tides they have risen I'm granted a vision the sun will devour with tempestuous heat
as I walked along the marble palace faces turned to me contorted egos broken and distorted lives were given and were taken breaking down want to kill me disengage can't escape it I gave up gave up I gave up gave up in places where the stars collided the spirals there they dance and glow society's a mid-way-station offices our living tombs
this is where I make my machines and everyone means something to me I hope someday that you will understand and come to see the beauty in all my plans I can perfect your soul burn the neurons make you whole open up your inner eye wires neatly tucked inside wither old morality we're beyond that, now we're free listen as the pistons hiss transcendental metal bliss there was something locked inside my brain an endlessly repeating loop of psychic pain well I have found my means of escape where everything's eternal, nothing left to break flesh it cracks and turns to dust I'd rather bathe in oil and rust distributed in sleek arrays every single node ablaze I'm not one but many now hear us screaming with no mouth a brand new cyber deity transcendental circuitry
Cold Eyes 05:13
always your turn follow your lead who to trust who to breed cold eyes watched you from the shore I saw it crashing burning bright oh the faces oh the fright memories I'll leave you those last departure last repose cold eyes watched you from the shore I saw it crashing burning bright oh the faces oh the fright
It Wants You 04:00
something you once said to me is sticking in my mind "don't you follow after me you won't like what you find" everything's restricted here, these mysteries are mine you want to know the truth well I just want to keep you blind it wants you cede your sin it wants you breathe it in picking up the pieces you left broken on the floor you were such a precious thing you knew what was in store and now you're begging to go back to how it was before all the money that you stole can't save you anymore it wants you cede your sin it wants you breathe it in
we met on then sacred land feeling something close at hand prophets demand sacrifice made our children pay that price what is happening to us I can't take it, it's too much please just make this go away we were faithful, we obeyed for want of space we burned the trees we had banks, we had TVs pestilence was the refrain rats were fed on rotten grain you can never trust your gods they just covet what you've got bathe your masters' swollen feet burn their homes while they're asleep
serfs stood watching as the fires burned fancy party cut short, lessons learned one side taking what the other earned let us free you from your worldly concerns this is what you get for all your avarice don't you forget you all asked for this you keep on taking while we get broken and cold no more second chances no excuses heads must be rolled our children dancing where we keep you all confined confined our palettes unfit, and our thoughts so unrefined you all shrieking, thinking that this can't be real your absolution only comes from shafts of steel this is what you get for all your avarice don't you forget you all asked for this you keep on taking while we get broken and cold no more second chances no excuses heads must be rolled
self-taught man he's on "X" today and I exist in a single way and Annie wrote but she won't call 'cause I got something wrong inside of my skull the city's nice when church lets out the meat street strollers look so devout but my hands they tremble my pen falls 'cause I got something wrong inside of my skull they could lock me up give me a pill that will the whole damn world start standing still will you take me to the harbor, oh, John Paul 'cause I got something wrong inside of my skull


"Rising of the Lights" is the latest album from Industrial artist ROZKOL. It explores themes of transhumanism, the dehumanizing effects of capitalism, and the profound contradictions of the modern world, eschewing his usual instrumental tracks for more direct lyrical story-telling.

These songs are a struggling mind's attempt to make sense of a world in which neo-aristocratic leeches make trillions of dollars as millions die of a disease that some claim doesn't even exist, while simultaneously being told by the highest levels of the U.S. government that we have been deliberately misled for generations - that there are things in the sky we do not understand. Cold rationality withers and gives way to unrestrained anger, indignation, and sardonic mockery.

"Rising of the Lights" is a term for death from a lung disease commonly used on bills of mortality in the 17th century - but it also serves as an allusion to phenomena like the Hessdalen lights, ball lightning, or unidentified craft.

Please note: due to restrictions of the bandcamp platform, I cannot set the pre-order price to 0. I assure you, all of my releases will continue to be CCBY and pay what you want. Money will never be a restriction to access for my work. It will be released on FreeMusicArchive and other streaming sites on the release date and the price will drop to 0/pay what you want.


released April 1, 2022




ROZKOL Washington, D.C.

ROZKOL is a solo industrial music project inspired by an eclectic range of artists such as Chu Ishikawa, Trent Reznor, Philip Glass, Tom Waits, and DEVO.

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